6 Signs You Should Break Up With Your Job

Unless you're the heir to a real estate fortune or an overnight Powerball winner then you're going to need to work for a living... and, since you'll be spending a good chunk of your life at work you should be in a job you at least like.

Unfortunately the Marie Kondo “does it bring you joy?” approach doesn't apply to the workplace so, what do you do if you're not happy and what are the signs you should leave?

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How Far I'll Go: Why Disney's Moana is more than just a feminist hero

Whenever someone mentions how great Disney’s Moana is, I get weirdly proud. I puff my chest out and hold my head up high taking credit as if I was involved in the movie’s development. The fact is, the movie has had a huge impact on my own personal development.  

So, what do I a living human woman have in common with a fictional animated Disney character called Moana?

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Why Pop Culture is important

This morning, I woke up to a notification about a message in my Facebook Other messages folder. I don't generally check my "Other" social media message folders because as Master of None so, beautifully highlighted "if you're born with a vagina, then creepy dudes are just part of the deal".

I decided to click on the message. It was from a guy, lets call him Steve.

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A White Hair Wake Up Call

There are many things that signify getting older but, I think we can all agree that one of the biggest markers of aging is white hair.

So, you can understand how I thought my world was crashing down around me when I looked in the mirror and discovered white hairs this afternoon. Yes, plural. Hairs. More than one.

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Let's talk about menstruation, period

I've always been pretty comfortable talking about the functions of the human body.

I think a large part of that is because I grew up in a pretty scientific household. I mean, with a brother who's a pharmacist, a brother who studies medicine and a brother who is a plumber our family dinner table conversation runs the full gamut of in, through and out the human body.

One morning last week I had two very different conversations about periods and it got me thinking. 

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