What I've learnt from dating in Sydney

I’m nearly half way through my very own Dry July where I didn’t give up alcohol but, rather my dating apps. Same concept, different kind of thirst.

Since giving up the swiping I have suddenly had a lot of free time on my hands. So, I thought I would share what I have learnt so far from dating in Sydney.

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A literal idiot's guide to being money smart

This isn’t financial advice.

Because let’s be honest, someone who pays $450 a week in rent for a room with a private sun terrace isn’t someone who should be giving advice on how to make smart financial decisions.

So, you can imagine my surprise yesterday when I started working out my finances. I mean, yes I was on a codeine high after my recent laryngitis diagnosis BUT, I now feel like someone who is living her best financial life… well, I’m at least someone who is being a smidgen smarter with her dollars.

This is what I learnt whilst trying to make it rain:

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What I've learnt from saying YES!

I recently moved to a new city and in a bid to make new friends in my new city I have been saying “YES!” to every offer I have received from potential new friends.

So, here’s what I’ve learnt from saying YES!  

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The perks of not being a dick at the airport

Don’t be a dick.

I know there are times when the dick behaviour life seems like the only possible way to achieve the outcome you want but, after enduring two cancelled Qantas flights and one failed Jetstar flight transfer I can assure you that the non-dick life is the way to go. 

Given my airport chaos it would be easy for me to get angry about the airport staff and the cancelled flights but, instead I’m angry at passenger behaviour because in the past 48 hours I have witnessed and heard stories of humanity at its worst.

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